Novatel E362 module with latest firware is LTE capable?

I understand that the WR44V2 uses a Novatel E362 module for LTE capability in North America so I was going to purchase one of these and install it in my V1. So you are saying as long as I use the latest firmware (Digi Transport WR44 V1 Firmware ver. 5235) it should then become LTE capable?

Hello ssnihur, Part of the reason that there is a WR44v2 product was to make the WR44 device less noisy internally. The WR44v1 device generated internal noise that specifically causes performance problems with the Novatel module. Thus placing one into a WR44v1 will not provide you with the expected performance boost you would expect. For that reason the Novatel modules are not supported on the WR44v1 hardware.


I wrote up a response for you here: