FK (Foreign Public Key) update over bluetooth XBee 3

Until recently, I was able to easily enable bluetooth remotely on an XBee and then use my phone via the XCTU Mobile App to push the FK parameter so that I could then push OTA updates.

I use this method, because my remote XB are attached to a custom PCB that does not include USB connections - this was both cost concerns and the fact the world is out of FTDI chips.

Lately, when I follow the process above that always worked, I get the following error:

“Could not write setting ‘FK’ > There was a problem sending the AT command packet. > Invalid parameter”

I copy the ‘FK’ directly from another XBee unit and paste it directly - to avoid any missed characters and ensure it’s exact.

What am I missing? Why doesn’t this work anymore? Will I ever be able to push FK params remotely?

It was my fault … my phone stopped “selecting all” and was missing the first few characters of the full key.

…if anyone sees this in the future - make sure you are really copying ALL.

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