Hello, very good at all!

First of all sorry for my english. I´m spanish and I´m yet studiying your language.I´m sure that there will be lot of mistakes.Well, I try:

I agreed to this forum by accident searching in internet and I think this great. I think you make good work and big handsome, congratulations. That said, I like to expose some other problem that I encountered when working with modules XBEE series 1. The problem is that I have two systems consisting of a sensor (in the first case an accelerometer and a temperature sensor in the second case). Both are separate. Let me explain, each sensor is a XBEE and appropriate circuitry (not at the same PCB, two different systems). On this basis, I’m trying to do the remote control of various parameters available to the XBEE, such as IT, IR and others involved in the A/D conversion (avaliable on the same modules XBEE). The goal of these tests is simply to eliminate the use of a PIC governing the AT commands. To remove cost (both material, which is not much but it is designed for large amounts, of programming and that it is a significant cuantity of money)…potential sources of error, etc, etc.

Well, I think this is already in a position to understand the problem itself.

For this work we have XBEE series 1 as I said earlier. In them we have upgraded the firmware to version 10E2 (before, we tested with version 10CD with the same results, they continued to comment on these lines). What happens is that once configured all relevant modules (sensors, as end_device, and coordinator) we sending a package, with the API, and we get the parameter change but not always, I sent a package and it is received ramdomly!! so to change a parameter I need to send multiple packets. What we seek is that the XBEE parameter changes with just one shipping of the correct package.

At this point do not know whether any parameters of the potential in this firmware version has some connection with this problem?, is it not possible to do?, how i can make this?. I would like you told me if something happened like this and what are wrong?

Thank you very much for your attention and possible solutions that you will give me (I hope will be many:) ).

Yours sincerely.

David Rodriguez Fuentes
I+D+i - Department ATE
Oviedo University

When you create the API Packet are you specifing a specific ratdio by the SH(i.e. 0013A200) and SL(i.e. 4008A87E) or are you sending it as broadcast(i.e. 000000000000FFFF)? It sounds like you are out of range or sending it as a broadcast.

hi. good morning (here in spain now)! i´m working with an specific SL and SH, not broadcast. i think that the problem is IR. i try with low times for this parameter. today i will try with 100ms or up. maybe i play with the RF limits. today i will know if its the solution. i will tell you the results after. thanks for your idea. hava a good day.see you.