Configuration of xbee modules

Hi everyone, I just got the xbee starter kit. I read the manuel and understood that one needs to configure each module, specifying address, I/O etc. So when you write to the module, will it store the settings on the module or is the configuration written to boards. I want to know if I could configure one module, remove it then replace it with the other so I can configure that one using the same board that I have connected to my laptop thru the USB port?? Or do I have to leave them on their respective boards?? The remote board has the RS232 connection and I don’t have an adapter.

Thanks to all who can help,

Yes the settings are saved to the module. The modules can operate outside of the boards just by supplyiing power to pin 1(Vcc) and pin 10(gnd).
Yes you can take one module out and replace it with another module, so that all can be programmed identically.
The only changes that will not take place is with the Serial Address for each module cannot be overwritten.