When you create a fat file in the serial flash is it possible to see it with FLASH_INSPECT.C ?

And when you create a fat file using FAT_CREATE how is it possible to set in which memory will be stored the file ?


Yes, you can see a FAT file using SFLASH_INSPECT, NFLASH_INSPECT or SDFLASH_INSPECT, however, you can only see it as it is stored on the device. Unless you understand FAT formatting and the underlying tables and location mechanisms involved, you probably won’t understand what you’re seeing and if you change anything while in any of the ‘INSPECT’ utilities you will most likely corrupt the file system and render it unusable. So yes, you can look at the information, but no, it is not presented to you as self contained file objects, just raw sectors and data.

For your second question, FAT_CREATE will write to the first FAT formatted partition available. Most cores only have one FAT supported flash device on them. The only exceptions are cores with removable media, which may have both on-board flash and the removable flash. In these cases, if the on-board media is FAT formatted, it is the primary device. If not, the removable device (if FAT formatted) is the primary device. If you have more than one device, look to the FAT_SHELL sample for usage of two FAT devices and the mechanisms to switch between them.