flash memory layout - move NVRAM area

I use Connect ME -S version, NET+OS 6.0 (with LSK patch installed).
I have found (and also verified with my application) that for this
module there is this layout of flash memory:


  • Connect ME Flash layout (assuming 64K sectors):
  •     0 - 1 : Boot (reserved)
  •     2 - 3 : Post (reserved)
  •     4 - 19: EOS
  •     20- 22: "NVRAM" (3 reserved, only one used)
  •     23- 30: "FS"
  •     31    : "BootParm" (reserved)

I would like to use all possible flash memory for my application. I do not use
flash file system, so the sectors “23-30” is useless for me. Is there some
way how to change this flash memory layout and enlarge the application space?
I mean move NVRAM to sector one before “BootParm” ?

I have studied some possibility - customize.ldr file in platform directory,
BSP_NVRAM_DRIVER define (“… must be set to BSP_NVRAM_CUSTOM”), BIOS
communication area structure (bcomm) - but I have not found some efficient way
how to do.

Does anybody know? Thank you, Michal Dvorak