For XBee XBP9B-DM module; cyclic sleep with 3 others and 1 coordinator, do parameters MT,NH,NN matter?

Digimesh system of one coordinator and four remotes, all in synchronized cyclic sleep mode. All 900HP modules XBP9B-DM. High power. In 1500 foot circle.


Yes and no. Setting them to a value of 1 instead of the default will allow you to send more data through the network as you are not telling the module that the network is larger than it is.

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With such a small network in circular shape, you won’t find much impact with these parameters.

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IT, Really, if all of the nodes are within range of the Coordinator, you should be simply setting the TO command to 0x40 which is Point to multi-point mode. At which point, none of the commands you list are being used.

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In reply to Eric, your suggestion worked well, thanks.