What DH/DL option is recommended for 900 Digimesh

I’m setting up a network of close to 100 XBee 900HP (latest 8074 firmware).

There is an option to force DH and DL values. The options are false, coordinator or true. Unsure which will work best for a network that is spread out and the XBee devices furthest away from the X4 gateway will need to go via several other XBee on their way.

Tempted to use “true” as being recommended for DM networks.

What is the difference between the options?

The Coordinator function on the 900 HP is designed for sleeping networks only. For always on networks, there is no Coordinator. So the DH and DL should be set for either the broadcast address or the SL and SH of the node you want to send the data out the UART of.

My mistake. It is sleeping. The x4 need to reach the furthest away units and their response must be received by the x4. The x4 is polling the tennis in cyclic sleep. X4 s7 xbee s8 sm 2.
What is the optimal setting for digi mesh in this situation.

The x4 handles the sleep as coordinator.

That is going to be dependent upon the sleep cycle and the total number of hops.

The sleep cycle will be different from each installation. Right now 15 minute wake up and 30 second wake time (hopefully this can be reduced).

It appears that right now only the units that are seen directly by the X4 deliver data. 1-2 hops and no data arrives.

One setting is called “true” optimised for Digimesh network but can not find any expalnation on how that works.

Using “Coordinator” now with the logic that it is the final destination for the X4 to push readings to Device Cloud.

It is a 50 floor building with the X4 at ground floor which is where we have power.

How many nodes are in this network and how many hops does it have?

Which one is your Sleep time and which is your wake time? If you are sleeping for 15 min, then 30 seconds wake is not enough to get data to any of the nodes.

Right now it is only 20 units and awake time is increased to 150 seconds which is much longer than we want to conserve battery.

How do you calculate the awake time for x number of 900HP units to give them enough time to offload their readings each wake period.

Note that the X4 is polling each remote unit for pulse readings from MCU connected to the UART on the XBee.

What is the recommended addressing for quickest possible polling of the network?

The information you are looking for can be found on page 48 of the product manual located at http://ftp1.digi.com/support/documentation/90002173_R.pdf