configuring XBee Pro DigiMesh2.4 as Coordinator

I am trying to configure XBee Pro S1 module with firmware version XBee PRo DigiMesh2.4-8073 as coordinator by CE command but its failing with status error 01.
I tried with XCTU tool(ver:6.3.2) also but,there are only three options available for CE field:
End Device[2]-could able to write
Standard router[0]-could able to write.

Can anybody tell me how to configure XBee as coordinator(not router).

Unless you have sleep functions enabled, there is no coordinator in a Digi Mesh network.

Thank you for your reply.
Can you please elaborate bit more,what is the relation between sleep and coordinator.
I couldn’t able to configure XBee module as coordinator.
In fact,my question was,how to configure XBee Pro DigiMesh 2.4 module as coordinator by XCTU tool(Version:-6.3.2).

For always on (No sleeping networks), there is no coordinator function for the Digi mesh networks. They are all Peer to peer.

If you are using a sleeping synchronous sleep network, then the determination of a sleep coordinator is done by setting the SO option bit 0 to enable and SM to a value of 7 or 8.

So,you mean to say there is no concept of coordinator in non sleeping DigiMesh networks.
Such networks comprises of router and end devices but no coordinator.
Please correct me if my understanding is wrong.

Close. It is a true peer to peer network with No Coordinator, or end devices. Only routers.

Thank you very much.