Force all network to re-sync when a new sleep parameter is set on a device

Dear forum fellows,

I have a project that runs in cyclic sleep with a sleep time of 1h and 8s of wake time. During the network commissioning, I set the network to be sleeping for 12s and awake for 8s to make it faster to deploy the new nodes. Once all nodes are deployed, I change the sleep parameters for those mentioned.

I was wondering if there is a way to force the network to be back to 12s/8s sleep parameters without having to wait 1h for it. A reset cycle in the sleeping modules did not work.

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I am afraid not. The only option is to change the sleep times on the Coordinator and wait for one to two cycles for it to get out to all of the nodes.

Thank you mvut, I was afraid of that.

What if I set the new values in the sleep coordinator and then force an associate with a comissioning button press on all sleep devices?

That would mean that you would need to change the value on each node one at a time and press the commissioning button on each one as well.

Fortunately when I reset the nodes (MCU that controls the radio) I configure the module with a short sleep time. I tried here and It worked. I just need to set the new value in the coordinator and then reset all my boards to set new values.