FormInput in JavaScript

Hi all,

I came across this problem and hope to get some help here.

I created a dynamic table in JavaScript, in order to get the table dynamically adapted to the register entries that are relevant to a certain piece of hardware or user.

I can read the values out of the register by using the “RpNamedDisplayText”, but to change the value of a register entry I have to implement a “RpFormInput”.

Because the dynamic table is generated in JavaScript, the “RpFormInput” is located in the JavaScript too and this is where PBuilder generates an error, because a FormInput is found, but not within a form.

I attached the code to this post.

Is there any solution to get this to work? I realy need to get a FormInput in a dynamic table. Any tips are welcome!

Thanks in advance.

I do not believe you can place ANY pbuilder commands/comment tags within javascript code. The problem is that pbuilder ignores any javascript and passes it unmodified into the resultant .c file.

Have you looked at the what paper entitled Application Note: Ajax programming using Digi’s Advanced Web Server at URL on Digi’s web site under the support tab. There my be some information there that might help you.

I already guesed that pbuilder tags in javascript is not possible, and i sure read the AppNote you provided, but thanks anyway!
Acutally: This is not true, the PBuilder tags in javascript DO work, but only those wich are not form inputs, because PBuilder notices that de form input tags are not within a form obviously, but within the javascript.

Maybe someone else can think of a solution to dynamically generate forminput elements.

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