PBuilder generates source-code with errors

I’m trying to build a website with the AWS on NET+OS 6.0, but as soon as the site gets more complex I get big problems with the PBuilder tool: A part of the site needs JavaScript. So, I put all my JS-functions in one .js file. As you can imagine, this file is pretty big (many lines with many characters). PBuilder converts this page without any problems, but as soon as I try to compile it (with the GreenHills compiler) I get several errors. Does Pbuilder have any limitations concerning filesizes, or do I need any special tags for JavaScript? thanks in advance rolf

There are several possible problems, you do not mention what kind of error you get when compiling. One that I have encountered, is a problem when you include stings containing HTML tags in the java code. You get into trouble with replacements that PBuilder do for compression. You can avoid this problem by using the following PBuilder tag around the java code. … When RpParse=0 is specified the compression/replacement of dictionary phrases will not be done. Best regards, Thomas Maltesen

Great tip! This tag fixed my problem. Where did you find that option? I searched my PBuilder manual but could not find this tag. If there is a another document about PBuilder out there, I would be very happy to know about it. Maybe there are more such tags which could help me. Thanks a lot for your great help!! Rolf

I got this particular information when reporting a specific problem with javascript to netsilicon support. I too would be happy to have the complete PBuilder/RomPager documentation, but unfortunately NetSilicon is only releasing parts of it. The positive part is that NetSilicon support is handling support questions like this quite efficient.