external javascript files

Hi all,

I’m using external javascript file references in my html files. The Pbuilder compiler parses my js files and reports errors. However, IMHO the js files can be seen as binary files, like images and the parsed js files give overhead in the c code.

How can I configure the pbuilder compiler to ‘see’ my js files as binary?



In file pbsetup.txt (I believe all platforms use this file name) ensure that the line containing UseJavaScript is NOT commented. If this line is active (NOT commented) then the pbuilder utility will NOT try to process the javascript, but instead will just pass it through. That is the only reason (I can think of) that the pbuilder utility would object to javascript code.

Hi Sparkys,

UseJavaScript is enabled in my pbsetup. I also tried disabling this setting, but neither worked for me.

In both cases, when looking at the c code, the js files were parsed as text files for compression.

Can I configure pbuilder to process js files as binaryf files?


I know of no way to have the PBuilder utility process javascript files into binary files. PBuilder’s only function, for javascript files is to add them to the *.c file to be sent up to the browser, when requested.