Pbuilder - small changes

I have a large Pbuilder AWS project which has some 15 web pages, 10 images, 6 scripts, etc, all in different files. Whenever I re-run Pbuilder it recreates all the files, I delete the new _v.c files and then compile, but it then has to recompile over 50 files, and for some reason it takes several seconds per file, so that’s several minutes for a recompile, when all I wanted was to change one thing on one page.

Is it possible to run pbuilder in “single page” mode where it just rebuilds the .c and _v.c file for that page and doesn’t touch anything else?



It depends on how you have the pbuilder configuration files set up and how yo do things now.

Are you using ESP or are yo building in command line (gnu) mode?

In file PbSetup.txt what is the state of CreateSingleSourceFile and DontCreateVariablesFile?

If you are NOT creating ONE .c and ONE _v.c file but are creating one for each html file, then you can point the pbuilder utility at just one html file as opposed to pointing it at Pbuilder.pbb(ESP) or list.bat(gnu CL). So if you had an html file entitled myFile.html you could do the following:

pbuilder html\myFile.html. That would create\update just the _v.c and the .c files associated with myFile.html. If, on the other hand, you are creating just one .c and just one _v.c file, then this is NOT possible.

Also if you are going to do this, please ensure that you project your _v.c file BEFORE running the pbuilder utility.

I’m using ESP to build the project, but I run Pbuilder from the (Windows) command prompt.
I don’t have CreateSingleSourceFile set - I get multiple source files, and I don’t have DontCreateVariablesFile set. If I point pbuilder at just one html file as opposed to pbuilder.pbb doesn’t it still update things like RpPages.c and RpUsrDct.c/.h? I had always assumed that these would get mucked up and so couldn’t do this.
I always move the _v.c files into the parent directory and delete them in the html directory (when I’ve extracted what I need from any updates), so I’m happy with that aspect of things. Occasionally I start the build without having deleted the new _v.c files in the html directory and that gets very annoying because then it insists on doing a full clean build, but I’m reasonably happy with that process now.