Forwarding to a internal range port on NAT mapping

I have a huge port range(1024 to 65535) that must be forwarding to same internal range.
So, my ask is, How can I set a range to forwarding to internal port?

In NAT mapping options, there is only one field to forwarding, I could set just one port in this field, Is there a way to set a range?

This is one example:

In the NAT mapping options:

Ext. Min Port | Ext. Max Port | Forward to Internal IP Address | Forward to Internal Port
1024 | 65535 | | . “Range”

Is there a way to set the same external port range on internal port range?

Yes, you can do that with the firewall if you have the full license.

What is the product code on the bottom of the device?

PN: WR21-L11B-DB1-SK

i think if you have the internal port set to 0 it is passed through to the original port the other way as already stated is with a firewall rule such as

pass in break end from any to addr-ppp 1 -> to

this would pass all traffic that hits the PPP 1 interface if this is your wan port to the device on the lan with that address

if you want to still allow the first 1024 ports to the router you could add a rule like this before the previous rule

pass in break end from any to addr-ppp 1 port=0><1023 inspect-state