OpenVPN client and 1:1 NAT

I have a WR11XT that has a private external IP address. I need external IP packets reaching the WR11XT to be forwarded to a client on the LAN

My plan is to configuring the WR11XT as an OpenVPN client with the following:
WR11XT LAN address
Client LAN address

If the WR11XT OpenVPN client gets a VPN address of will it forward incoming packets for to using 1:1 NAT?

If not, is there some other way to accomplish this with a private external IP address on the WR11XT?


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Hi and welcome to Digi forum!

On WR11 router you can configure the OpeVPN interface to do NAT for IP address and Port (|_____4).

This plus the NAT rule configured should do the job.

I would suggest you to try this out and if you have issues please send an email to with IMEI of the router and also please review our support options on our website:

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Digi Technical Support Team