WR11 as OpenVPN Server?


I am trying to configure a WR11 as an openVPN server… I have my certs in place and my client set up on a laptop not connected to the WR11. It fails on TLS handshake and the router log shows no attempts to access it. The client log appears to show a connection before failing. I have found a lot of information to set it up as a client, but nothing about setting it up as a server. I am not sure what I am missing here.


just to check the client is connecting to the wr11 over the cellular interface interface.

The address on the cellular interface is accessible from the client? from the client can you access the wr11 web interface over the cellular IP.

the client version on the client is not the latest if i remember it should be a 2.1 / 2.2 client.

here is the Quick Note on setting this up


list of documents that might help in future including a openvpn Server


hope this helps