How to access VNC server through Digi Transport WR11 XT

I have a WR11 XT with a computer running a VNC server. I have a NO-IP Dynamic DNS server setup with the WR11 XT. If I login to I can see the correct IP address of the WR11 XT. I setup a forwarding rule on the WR11 XT to forward port 5900 to my computer’s IP address.

However, I can’t get to the vnc server from the outside world. I try the hostname:5900, just the hostname, the no-ip IP address, the no-ip IP address:5900. I even try to just go to the hostname on a browser and I can’t even do that.

What am I missing?
Thank you very much for your time


if you have setup No-IP corrctly and are getting a Public IP address from what you have said should allow you to just use that address in browser then you should get the routers login page.

if that worked then you need to check further you could use the analyser to trace packets for 5900 and see if they come in on PPP 1 and out on the lan interface.

does the pc use the router as the gateway?

make sure nat is enabled on the ppp interface

hope that helps