Framing Errors


What are Framing errors? What is the generally the root cause of Framing errors?

I have the DIGI TS 16 with 2 USR 56K modems connected. When the modem disconnects I see the framing errors increase by 3-10 errors. Any help or ideas is appreciated.


A framing error is when the stop bit(s) of a character are not read at the level the UART expects. This would indicate a bad baud rate, too many stop chars configured, noise on the line or various other issues.

Since it only happens when your modems disconnect, it might just be line noise or a disconnect message causing the increment, hard to say.

Makes sense, the modems hook up to the digi 8-none-1 115K, but the software app changes it to 7-odd-1. So maybe that transition on hangup is the cause. NO matter, it was a curiosity question, everything works fine.

Thank you for the prompt reply.