FTP read/write my FTP site Digi XBee 3 Cellular LTE-M/NB-IoT ATT Service

I purchased a LTE-M module early and was disappointed that with ATT I could not send an SMS message. So I have not worked with it anymore until now. I am wondering if with ATT service I can read/write a short file to a FTP site of my choice. I want to write a value to a data file on my FTP site and then have a 2nd device be able to read the data file as a way to transfer data from one site to another. I want to be able to turn on a irrigation valve remotely from another site. Pretty much a wire replacement. No power source so I want to operate off solar and need to minimize power use. I have latching relays so I can latch on and then sleep for awhile. I would like to use python to read/write via FTP to my FTP site. Any better ideas would be welcome. Looking for a point to point solution and not going through someone else site.
Thanks for any input on this.

Well, I just ordered a new kit from Digikey. I will be documenting opening it and connecting it on a Youtube Video. Going to try to do a FTP file in my own FTP directory. It comes with a DIGI ATT SIM. ATT has a marketplace and sells SIMS with service as well. That is what I tried with my original kit which seems to be obsolete now. Any help would be appreciated. I want to document my experience for others on Youtube. Look for me there with keywords ATT NB-IoT FTP. Going to start out with a unboxing video. I am surprised there is not more interest in NB-IoT. It is supposed to be available now.

I don’t have an AT&T SIM that even has a phone number. However, I tested the SMS feature using my Verizon data SIM and it worked. The text message came in the 9F command (using API Mode Without Escapes), including my phone number.

Thank you for your answer. I got my new kit yesterday and I received my ATT NB-IoT SIM. Both SIMs would get a connection. I really like having a LED now that shows the connection. I will be trying a few things and posting back here.

Why is it so difficult to get the new LTE-M/NB-IoT modules? I look at the suppliers and they are all back ordered? Is this due to the chip supply issues?

My progress: I was able to get the GET demo to work with both the ATT SIM supplied with my kit and the SIM I ordered from ATT for NB-IoT unlimited for a year. I am happy with this progress. A note though. When I hit the button to send the packet the first time I did not get a response. The second time and after that I did get the response. Don’t give up on the first button press. Hoping this gets to a success for a FTP transfer or at least being able to store/retrieve data on a remote web page.