XBee Cellular LTE-M/NB IoT - UBLOX AT Command Access

It there a library or module already in play that allows for direct AT command access to the uBlox cellular module from within micropython. I know there is AT command access for the xbee settings but I need direct access to the AT command structure of the uBlox module so I can try and implement FTPS. The R410M-02B is capable of DTP-Secure access, but it is no implemented as of yet.

From looking at the uftp and usocket it looks like the AT command calls to the cellular module are built into the firmware somehow. I guess I would just use the ftp.sendcmd(options) to try and work this out.

No there is not.

mvut - thanks for confirmation. I’ve actually been able to manipulate the uftp library for FTPS using cert and keyfile for TLS. Connection on the control port 990 is working. Now just need to finish the communications port retrieval and connection on secondary port for file access.