Full list of differences between AP=4 and AP=1 on XBee 3

I have looked in the docs, but have been unable to find a full list of the differences between AP=1 (API enabled) and AP=4 (API enabled witn MicroPython).
The reason I need to know is to identify strange behaviour I may have obtained by running my XBee 3 Pro Zigbees microPython code with AP=1 for the last few months.

I thought AP=4 was just for using XCTU’s MicroPython Terminal, to cope with lack of serial echo and also to direct output to the terminal.

But today I finally worked out why my receive() calls in MicroPython (autostarted) weren’t working, no matter what timing I used or whether I used the callback technique - I was in AP=1. Needed to be in AP=4.
What else will have been working “incorrectly”, while I had AP=1?

API 1/2 is for interfacing with an external processor and working with the Digi API calls that exists.

API 4 (Micro Python) enables the micro Python feature. This feature allows you to develop, deploy and host Micro Python applications directly on the XBee module thus eliminating the need for an external processor.