g_serial kernel freeze

I have some problems when I connect the USB device in a USB 3.0 hub with Windows 7 linking with the connectcore 9M.

When I use the two ports of the Hub, for example, with a USB-mice the kernel totally freeze and no response to any command like telnet.

The driver that I’m using is g_serial v2.4. I have no problem with USB 2.0 but I start to experiment this trouble with USB 3.0 hub.
Anyone have experimented the same problem than me? Anyone knows how to fix it, for example with a g_serial patch?

The version of the kernel is

Thanks in advance.

if you are looking for a updated version of the Linux serial USB gadget driver for the ConnectCore 9M2443, check out Digi Embedded Linux 5.7 (kernel 2.6.35)

Ok, I have update the driver and it´s work fine. But I have found other trouble with this driver and it is when I start Windows 7 with the wire plug- in, I have experimented other kernel freeze due to the g_serial driver. Can anyone reproduce the same problem?

Are you now using latest Digi EL 5.7(.2.2)?
Would you mind showing us (logfile) your kernel/freeze or Oups with complete boot context/dmesg output before?