Gatting a response from XBEE Micro Mount 802.15.4 through SPI


I need help because I can’t manage to make my XBEE Micro Module communicate in SPI with a Cyclone III on a DB_Start_3C10 development board.
I have placed the XBEE module on a XBEE development board and :

  • pulled off the “UART DOUT” and “SPI_SSEL” on reset and keep it off.

  • sent a SPI_Clock with valid Local AT Command ( x7E x00 x04 x08 x01 x53 x4C x57)

  • set AP = 1

  • turn off the UART dip switches

The Cyclone III works as a master, we generate the SPI_CLK and send the frame through the SPI_MOSI channel. But I still don’t receive any response from the slave through the SPI_ATTN and SPI_MISO channel.

Do you have any ideas for my issue ?