SPI Communication in XBEE PRO S2C 802.15.4 RF Module

We are trying to Send/Receive data XBee 802.15.4 TH PRO RF modules by SPI Communication.
One module (Coordinator) is connected in RS232 in PC and another module (Router) is connected with SPI in Microcontroller.

Configuration done:
Both are configured in AP(1) mode. And all SPI pins are configured.

When sending data from Coordinator to Router, we are able to receive data in SPI communication. But sending data from Router (SPI), there is no response. Even we are not getting response of Transmit LED.

Please help us to communicate both modules in SPI.

Kindly let me know for further clarifications.

May I suggest you take a step back and interface first in transparent mode from your processor via the UART. Then move to API mode via the UART. Finally move to the SPI port. This way you can make sure you are sending the proper packets and your hardware is properly configured for the voltage.