General Zigbee questions from new user.

Starting out on the Xbee journey.
Goal is to have a number of push-button outstations End Points ( battery low power ) that send data when pressed to a single point receiver that is powered. Its a custom network and no other manufacturers devices will be used.

1.Could a powered router send it’s own ‘button information’ back to the coordinator and thus act as both a powered outstation and a router, or is it simply a routing device to extend range and not have any other I/O control function.

  1. Assuming devices are fitted with commissioning buttons, what would be the end users procedure to set up say 3 outstations to one coordinator - straight from the box. I assume we pre-set modules with the appropriate device role, but regarding Destination Address … how is that managed when customers could buy additional devices for their network ‘off the shelf’?

What actions are required to add new outstations at a later date.

For the same reason as (2), devices added at a later date:

3.How to define the radio channel? If they need to be the same then how do we fix interference.

4.How to manage PAN ID? If we send replacement device must it match the customers existing ID?Neighbours buildings presumably have to have unique ID.

I would have used digimesh but apparently the low power sleep mode doesn’t work.
Presume Zigbee 3 is the best firmware to use.