Get Rabbit device Voltage

Hi Guys. can anyone asist me on how to get/check for the current voltage in a rabbit device??

I am using Rabbit RCM4000 BL4S110

Hey, jus saw this post. i got the solution so incase anyone needs it

get a transducer (linear/ ratio converter) to maximum 5 volts. feed more than that to the plc and it will blow.

then connect the voltage from the transducer to Anlgx and Ground.

float voltage;

//after brdinit();

anaInConfig(7, SE0_MODE); // use channel 7 as analog input. can use any. i chose 7

voltage = anaInVolts(7, 4);

//sprintf(mystruct.voltagestate, " %.4g", (voltage * 9.6) );

" %.4g", (voltage * 9.6) >> voltage result in volts.