RCM3700 I/O V.

Hi everyone

I�m new to all of this, so excuse me if some of this questions sound a bit stupid :wink:

Right now I�m using a RCM3700 mounted on a custom circuit ( nothing complicated, just a few PNPs, capacitors, etc ) and I would like to know the Volts that the RCM3700 provides in each of its outputs and the Volts that it needs in its inputs to read a “1”.

I mean :

If I have this expression, for example BitRdPortI(PGDR,6)==1 how many Volts do I need in Port G 6 to make it “true”?

Thanks in advance and sorry if I made any mistakes with the language! :slight_smile:

3.3v is a typical “1” state, however most Rabbit 3000 input pins are 5 V tolerant.