getting RSSI from Xbee pro S2b

I am trying to find RSSI values from Co-ordinator to different routers attached to it. I am using Xbee pro S2b modules.

My co-ordinator is attached to an Arduino due with Wireless sd shield. I am able to serial communicate with my co-ordinator using AT commands. When I send ND as an AT command it gives all the information of different routers attached to it on the network. But I don’t know how can I get the RSSI values from different Routers to the co-ordinator attached to my arduino board.

I know couple of ways like sending a DB command but that only gives the stored value on co-ordinator side of the very last hop. Other thing was connecting P0 pin to the pwm output of Arduino but I don’t know what information that will give me.

My project asks me to get RSSI values from all the routers attached to co-ordinator to see how far away are they from the co-ordinator.

Thanks for your help.

You need to effectively have a processor connected to each radio. Then do a 1 hop broadcast to the loop back cluster ID from each node. Then send the results of that test back to your Main processor.