How to get RSSI from multiple Xbee devices

(I use Google’s automatic translation.)

Is there a way to get the RSSI between multiple Xbee devices at once?
What I want to do is to acquire RSSI at a certain timing and communicate with the device that is judged to be the closest.

I found out that there is a parameter called DB in ATND, but when I tried it, it was always 0x20.

Can you tell me if the method is wrong or if it is not possible to get RSSI with the parameter DB in the first place?

Thank you.

No, it is not possible to receive data packets from multiple remote radios simultaneously. You would have to have some delay between each transmitter so that data collisions don’t occur. Also the RSSI will only report the value of the last packet received. You can query it via the ATDB AT command.

(I use Google’s automatic translation.)
Thank you for your answer, mvut.

Let me ask you an additional question.

There is a parameter called DB in the return value of the AT command ND (Node Discovery).
In this explanation
> DB (Contains the detected signal strength of the response in negative dBm units)
There is.

Isn’t it possible to get the dBm of each device when multiple devices are discovered?

Yes, if there are multiple devices, then each module will respond to the request with their relative data.

Thank you.

I’m sorry if my understanding is wrong.

In my environment, I have 3 XBee boards (XBee s2c).
One is connected to the PC and the other two are connected to the arduino.

I operated the XBee connected to the PC from the XCUT and sent the AT command.
First I set the number of hops to 1 as ATBH1 and then entered ATND.

I have succeeded in receiving the response from two XBee connected to arduino, but the DB parameter of ATND is only 0x20.
(One XBee was carried outdoors)

It was 0x20 even when I checked from the point where communication was cut off.

I couldn’t determine if this was the correct response.

Try sending a data packet to that node using the loop back cluster ID then read that received packets DB value.