How to: Scan all the devices around and report back RSSI

How to: ask an end device to scan for all the nearby devices (including ZC, ZR, ZE) to get each nearby device’s RSSI and then report back like a table?

use the ATND command to scan the Xbee that the device see and than format the data you receive back :slight_smile:

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I am need a solution to this question. Can anybody help?

ATND and ATDB is not the answer. Since the regular RSSI reported this way is from last hopping, not from “direct” measurement of RSSI between current device and all the nearby devices.

How can I get the “direct” RSSI, instead of a value from last hopping?

Something like what we can do for Bluetooth:


Thanks for the ATND command :slight_smile:
Do you have some documentation to explain the output of this command ?