Global Symbol table overflow

Hi all,

We have an issue regarding the RCM3365. We get a message “Global symbol table overflow, increase symbol table size”.

Now the problem is that we can not find a clue on how to increase this symbol table size. Where can we manage this?

I attached the error in a jpg file.


I had a simular problem a few months ago on a RCM3700 core. Tech support told me to 1) reduce the number of variables in my code and 2) look in the root directory of Dynamic C for a file calles DCW.CFG. In the DCW.CFG file there should be a line that reads sys=30000. I was told I could increase this to be sym=32767 but that this is the upper limit due to some other limits within Dynamic C.

Good Luck :slight_smile:

thanks for the quick response. I will try this.

Strange though, my total code is about 50k (only) and it fills up 30k of symbol table?