Gray-scale LCD support


I have found information that ConnectCore 9P 9215 is supporting S1D13700 controller and I have few additional questions:

  1. is there more documentation about this support in .NET Micro Framework?
  2. is it means that I can attache any display based on this controller or its family controllers (SED1335, RA8835) ?
  3. it is supporting touch displays based on this controller?

Thank you!
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Jozef R.

  1. There is a sample application packaged with the JSK that shows how to use the LCD. It uses the standard .NET MF API so if you’ve used an LCD in .NET MF before then it should not be difficult to implement. If you’re new to .NET MF I recommend getting “Expert .NET Micro Framework” by Kuhner.

  2. Only the display that we’ve built has been tested and confirmed working. You will most likely not be able to get your own display working. For more information on this you’ll want to talk to your local salesperson.

  3. You will have to implement touch yourself. The touch controller is connected through SPI. We do have a sample application that shows how to use the touch controller.


One of the Epson S1D13700 based displays that can be used is

However, we will also support a 2.8" TFT LCD with touch screen from EDT (P/N ET028002DHU), which is also likely to be more cost-effective than the Epson based gray-scale displays. An application kit with carrier board and the TFT display is currently scheduled to be available in May 2009. However, in case you have a more immediate need, Digi can also provide the schematics of said carrier board to you. Please contact Digi tech support, if you are interested in receiving that information, including guidance on a .NET MF firmware upgrade to support the TFT display. Digi can also provide a managed code (C#) touch screen driver implementation sample.

For EDT display information (ET028002DHU) please see

Hi ‘miker’
I’d be really interested in being kept up to date with progress on an application kit for LCD (and preferably touchscreen) support for the ConnectCore 9P with .net MF.
Any better idea when? May 09 sounds promising, April 09 would be even better :wink:

I’d contact your Digi Sales Rep and have them help you get a kit.