Hacking and Security

I have a Digi ConnectPort X2. One of our customers is worried that a malicious hacker may be able to access their wired network by compromising the ConnectPort wirelessly.

We are running a simple routing Python application on the ConnectPort which I have already evaluated as being secure.

I have these questions:

  1. Can a hacker compromise the ConnectPort through the XBee?

  2. Is it possible to remote manage the ConnectPort from the XBee? Can you access the web and telnet servers on the ConnectPort through the XBee?



XBee is operated either ZigBee, Digi mesh or 802.15.4 protocol. As this protocols are not working on TCP stack, and telnet access through the XBee over the air is not supported. The XBee is also having feature of 128 bit AES encryption. That can be provided by KY AT command. Even if 64 bit PAN ID should be same for all the devices communicating in the network. Even the coordinator also provides the operational PAN ID to its child nodes, so, if another PAN network with the same PAN ID is running in the range, even though the network works safely, without interfering eachother.

something to expose you on Zigbee’s theoretical Security vulnerabilities and theoretical methods of hacking into a Zigbee network that was recently presented on ShmooCon 2011.


You have no reason to worry though if you are running on SE profile… :slight_smile: