Half Height PCI for Acceleport Xem (Low Profile?)

we’re using an Acceleport 8em and the PCI card (p/n 30002352-03) is fullsize

we’re moving off our old win2K blade server and onto a new-fangled PC with a much smaller chassis.

is AccelePort Xem Universal PCI (3.3V & 5V) Low Profile 8-Port RS-232 w/DB-25 Concentrator
Product #: 70002008

a half height card?

i’ve got more questions such as:
can i just use the card? do i need to reconfigure anything or load drivers, etc.
i scoured the forum and found a couple of related questions, one of which had a link to a promising knowledge base article


but that link is dead.

The “Low Profile” version of the Xem card is a half height card. You would be able to use this card with your existing PORTS modules that you have. If you are installing this card into a new server, you will need to install the drivers to make this work. The card may detect some drivers built-in to Windows when you first install the card, but I would recommend upgrading those right away, as they are most likely obsolete drivers from years ago.