handle all received packets from at command

hi, using and reworking the examples of CodeWarrior are able to send a command NI and receive the name of the coordinator on the network with the handler at_command_handle … sending the same request with a broadcast message there are problems.
the problem is that as the answer comes only read the first, losing its responses with “xbee_cmd_send (at_cmd_handler);”
I tried to send the broadcast packet correspondent XCTU and I get three answers immediately. I have all nodes set with APIs enable.
How can I do? I tried to change the handle for receiving a vector of answers but I get the timeout flag.

What you are most likely going to need to do is to use a larger buffer and put the data into an array.

Try using the xbee_cmd_set_callback() command or xbee_cmd_set_callback(), xbee_cmd_response_t command.

but for the callback set, which i must use? because i try to implement one function …but it brings only one response , and not all from broadcast at command send

I see also that in the implementation of the library it is writes ( xbee_atcmd.c) : “ - Add flag for “multiple responses expected” – taken care of by callback returning 1?”
maybe is this the problem? how can i fix it?
is there another way to capture all frames received from an at command just send?

I did some more checking and there is no function to do what you want. You see the issue is that you simply don’t know when the responses are going to come in so you have no way to know when to poll the data from the port.