Hard reset of Zigbee Module?

Is there a way to do a hardware reset of a Zigbee module to reset everything back to its factory defaults? The datasheet says the reset pin does a “module reset”, but it doesn’t say whether it simply re-boots it, or if it resets everything back to its defaults.

I’m looking for a hardware reset, not a command to send to it.

I remember reading somewhere you can pull one of the data lines low for 5 seconds, but I can’t seem to find it anymore.

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I’m not sure about pulling the data line low for 5 seconds or if that will reset it, but reloading firmware on it will reload the unit at default. Firmware for the various modules can be found on our support site under the appropriate module. X-CTU can be found in the Utilities section, and you’ll need an X-BIB board with which to load the firmware.

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Yeah, I’m looking for a strictly hardware solution, so that won’t work. For example, if I have a screwed up module that is out in the field that can’t be reprogrammed, I need a way to reset it back to factory defaults without loading any new firmware.

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The XBee does not currently have a hardware reset available.

Oh well. Thanks!

Holding the Di line LOW for 4 seconds or holding the Di line LOW during a /RESET will cause the module not to reset the parameters or NWK layer but to force the module into AT command mode at 9600 8N1. Upon exiting command mode the module will return to whatever settings it had set before.

There is no method via hardware that the XBS2 module with v1x20 can be reset. The only method to reset the NWK parameters is to run ATNR0.

That being said, we will be implementing “Commissioning Tools” in the 1x4x build of the firmware that will allow a hardware method for a Network Reset. This firmware hasn’t been released yet, but will be in the very near future.

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