Xbee in API=2 mode connected to arduino due - Hardware reset not working - Default config not reached after reset


I am using a Xbee Series 1 module which is interfaced to an Arduino Due. I have to develop a Xbee configuration function for my application to config the xbee module to API = 2 mode using code(and not by using XCTU).

I am using hardware reset pin 5 of the xbee to restore it t factory settings at the beginning of the function. This reset functionality works fine when the module is in AT mode.

Once I configure the module to API = 2 mode this mode of reset doesn’t work. Wont the hardware reset pin work for a module in API = 2 mode?


The Reset line does not Restore the module to default. It only does a Hardware Reset. That is it does the same thing as you Removing the Power and then applying power. Only settings written to flash would be retained. All other settings would be reset to factory default settings for that specific firmware version.