Hardware version


I am trying to find information related to the AT command HV (Hardware version). I think that the output of this command can give you information related of what kind of module you have. For example, if you have a IEEE 802.15.4 PRO or normal; or if you have a Zigbee PRO or normal. However I couldn´t find a table with this information.
In my case, I have a remote module which has “1743” hardware version. What does this number mean?
Thank you.

The HV command returns the hardware version of the RF module, in the range 0 to 0xffff. On my ordinary XBees it returns 1742 (1744 on a few that I bought more recently), and on the Pro it returns 1842.

A forum post by gworle of Digi says that plain series 1 XBees will return 17xx and Pros will return 18xx. For the series~2 modules, a plain one will return 19xx and a Pro will
return 1axx.

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