at 'hr' command return value is ERROR

Hi all,
when I want to read my harware version with the at command ‘hr’ the return value is ERROR. The XBee module is a coordinator and works fine… Does anybody know what this could mean.
I can read the Firmware, so I’m quite sure this is not due to a common problem of setting into command mode…

What firmware version do you have? If you can read the config of the module, what is the AP parameter set to and if set to 1, is “Enable API” box checked under the PC Settings tab (assuming you’re working through XCTU)?

Try “hv” instead of “hr” …


Stupid me. My defense is that with a XBee on the Digi Developer Board - the return value is not error but a Hex Number which I never checked, of course. This XBee now is on a own developed board - and so I assumed an error and didn’t check the command, because i was sure it worked with the XBee on the developer board. I’m deeply ashamed :wink: