Best way to detect current board version

I need to support two different XBee boards: XBee PRO SX and XBee SX 868. What is the best way to detect which board is currently used? The HV (Hardware version) command returns 3146 for XBee PRO SX and 4544 for XBee SX 868. Is this reliable? Will this number change when upgrading firmware version? I don’t like that in the documentation it states that this number is set in firmware.

Another interesting command is DD (Device Type Identifier). I read 000F0000 for XBee PRO SX and 00110000 for XBee PRO SX. I don’t like that this command can be written.

Which one is better? Which one XCTU uses internally to detect the board type?



This is a question that is best submitted to Digi Support via the web site or email. However, the HV command is not controlled by software but set at the factory so that should be a good command to use to determine the two products.

Hardware version would change with every hardware revision and that happens few times a year depending on variant, so that not an ideal parameter for this job.

DD parameter should work for most users but I would suggest you to look at “NI” parameter. The sole purpose of this parameter is to give a name to each node. You can assign names like: SX900101 or SX868001 for easy understanding.