How to determine radio type

Is there a surefire method to programmatically determine the radio type (series 1 or 2)? I see the firmware version VR command but that would require me to keep track of all firmware versions. There is a HV command but on series 2 it requires 1941, which seems to be firmware related. I can think of a few hacks, like sending an EC command… if it works it’s series 1, invalid command series 2, but I have to imagine theres a better more reliable technique.

Next question do all series 2 radio have sif header?



The ATHV parameter returns a two byte response. The first byte returned will determine the hardware type.

Here is a short table of the harware types:

Byte 1, Part Number
x17, XB24 (series 1)
x18, XBP24 (series 1)
x19, XB24-B (sereies 2)
x1A, XBP24-B (series 2)

This is the same way the X-CTU uses to identify the modem type when clicking the Test/Query button in the PC Settings tab.

All Series 2 radios will have the Sif header.