Has anyone used an I/O Module Relay behind an X2 Gateway and Xbee ZB Modem?

I’m looking for a way to control an UL certified, fairly higher end product I/O relay that can supply 12-24v output to a device. The relay would be communicated to via TCP/UDP through a serial-ouput 2 wire rs485 Xbee ZB modem, which talks to an X2 Gateway, and receives control from a software application on a windows machine. The software on the windows machine and communicating to the modem i’m not concerned about. I just need a simple, weather/water/dust resistant Relay that can be triggered via serial input coming from the Xbee ZB Modem.

I purchased a Moxa R1214-T but found out the modbus communication it requires doesn’t make it successfully to the relay due to not being regular TCP comm. It would potentially work with a modbus RTU conversion device, but I have exhausted too much time looking into that and figured I’d ask for help on the idea rather than continue wasting money on products i’m unsure about.

I know the X4 has an industrial automation feature which can handle modbus RTU I believe, but I’m not sure I have time to rewrite the python comm script for the communication aspect, nor work on any other new integration in my company’s software to make the X4 work.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.