read state of relay with xbee


I read lot of articles about how to control relays with xbee.
In my case I want to control productiviy of industrial machine.
Every time I produce one piece, a relay is open. I would like to check with xbee if relay is open or closed. As the relay has 4 inputs outputs I can connect one output to my xbee and put a digital voltage on the relay input. Every time the relay is open my xbee will detect a digital signal. To avoid the use of external signal I wanted to set one of my xbee digital output as digital_high and connected it to the relay input and link and other digital input of my xbee to the relay output. But that’s not good because I create shortcut between xbee’s output and input and as the relay can be open more than ten seconds my xbee module will be destroy. Any suggestion ?

Sounds like you either need the right relay or a buffer circuit. Something that will not draw more than a few ma.

you didn’t understand. my Relay is multy entry. So I use an empty entry to drive a signal. When my relay is closed i receive the signal on my xbee. Finaly my first solution is working : I drive a signal from one of my XBEE digital IO set as HIGH and I read on the same XBEE on another DIGITAL IO set as IN. As you know, connecting on an XBEE input an output create a shortcut. To avoid that a control the current entering in my input with a resistor. My problem what due to the to small value of my resistor (1kOhm). Now with 10kOhms it work weel !