XBee - Monitoring a water flow sensor and control a water valve

I am not sure if a single remote Xbee2 (router) will be able to handle a water flow sensor’s output (digital pulses pin (GPIO4) along with receiving a request to open/close a valve (data out high for 8 seconds) while the water flow valve is sending pulses? The Xbee’s digital output pin (GPIO5) will be high operating a relay that will open/close the valve. Once opened/closed the valve does not need to be powered.

The above Xbee will communicate with an existing Xbee2 controller/Arduino that monitors the water level in my 10 rain barrels and gets activated once every five minutes.


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Did you find something? I am trying to do kind of the same. I’m implementing a WSN of 9 Xbee3 modules.

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