Xbee pro s2c with a water sensor and Arduino - measure water flow comsuption

Hello everyone!
I have a water flow sensor (turbine) and it´s coupled to an arduino UNO. The sensor emits a signal evry time the rotor makes a turn (as there´s water flow), and thus the frequency of rotation is associated to the water flow. So, the arduino UNO divides this frequency per a coefficient, printing this value as the water flow, then the xbee pro s2C sends the data to the cordinator, in AT mode, where I can read the water flow every second in my computer.
I want to know if it´s possible to remove the Arduino UNO of my system, where the xbee coupled to my sensor just sends the frequency of the rotation of the sensor to the xbee coordinator (linked to my PC) and then the PC makes the calculation and prints the water flow.