having issues with PWM

I have two xbee Pro S1 modules and i have them configured to communicate without issue via the console and event using simple point to point control with digital input to turn on/off and LED. However, the PWM function doesn’t seem to work.

I am trying to use a simple potentiometer connected to D2 (D102) with XTU setting at ADC.
IT=1, IC=0, IR=10. The hardware is also set with one end of the pot to grnd, the other end to 3.3V and center to D2. Also VREF is set to 3.3V

the receiver end is also simple. both PWM pins are set to PWM output (wans’t sure). PT=FF, RP=28 and IA is set to 0xFFFF.

both Xbee units are set in API mode. WHAT am I doing wrong??? what have i missed?