PWM out from XBee / Pro OEM

I have been trying to use the PWM output from pins 6 and 7 from the module. I started out trying the App-Note from Digi “Analog to Digital Conversion on the XBee”. I get no PWM output, no pulses as shown in the note…nothing. I am getting serial data on the receiving end, as evidenced in the XCTU Terminal window.

I find many incongruities in the documentation:
the ATM0, ATM1 notes say that the default output level is zero by default, with 3FFh setting for max PW. Odd default? Setting these values in XCTU and updating the chip has no affect. I am using version 10CD. Is that no longer compatible with PWM?

I have set the PWM pins to 2 as indicated in the tutorial/appnote. Vref is tied high. Serial data shows values commensurate with voltage swing at ADC inputs on pins 19, 20.

Even though I am getting some kind of throughput I do have one confusing anomaly; The Assoc LED blinks whether the are two devices running or not. ??? I can force it off with the AP command but once it sees another device it stays blinking after the remote is turned off. There are WiFi access points nearby.

THis is very frustrating!
Any Help?

Products used in networks that do not use a coordinator for network association (such as 802.15.4) are not set up to associate, but are configured with a default PAN ID and destination address. To maintain LED consistency, on power-up, these products immediately indicate association by blinking.

Thanks for the quick help! That answers that question. I hope I can get a hint about the PWM problem. I’ve tried to keep things at their default except for the needed changes, but…

Version 10CD is a bit old.Would it be possible for you to update your chips to the latest firmware and see whether you still have the problem?

the latest update I get for XB24 is 10CD. Where would I find newer?
Thanks for the help!

Than you very much! I’ll try loading that with XCTU and give it a shot. The example for PWM is so specific that I must be doing something really stupid, but I’ve been an engineer for 40 years. I must be going senile.

Thank you, Oh Great And Power Wizard of ADMIN! That did the trick. I got the ZIP of 10E6, put it in the local library and uploaded it with the mods in the example. I finally got some pulses that are PWM out of the XBee. I appreciate the help!
To be honest, that’s the first time in years that a forum actually helped to solve the problem. Usually, I get veiws but no answers.
I hope the version was the whole problem. There is so much going on in current devices that’s it’s easy to push the button unnoticed. I’ve learned a lot in the journey though.
Now let’s see if I can close this thread correctly!
Thanks again!

I’m glad to see the firmware update resolved the issue :slight_smile:

We continue to improve our products over time, which is why being on the latest and greatest firmware/driver/utility is always a good “first step” in resolving any issue.