PWM unstable output?

Thanks for your answer, but I’m not using I/O line passing and PT is set to 0. As long as I don’t enable (or disable) the A/D or get an A/D value using the IS command, the PWM output is very stable and never stops or briefly goes to zero duty cycle.

which PWM pin are you working with and which ADC pins are you using?

What firmware version and exact part numbers are you working with? Please try to keep your response below this one instead of adding a New question or topic. This way it is easier to keep track of the issue.


Thanks for your help. Sorry, I’m new to the forum and I have been posing a new question as a way to respond.

The device model is a S2CTH. In XCTU (6.5.0 build 20191125-3), the Product Family is XB24C. Function Set DigiMesh 2.4 TH and the Firmware Version is 9002.

I see the same problem both in XCTU as well as when I’m controlling the device from a ESP8266 (Serial port at 57600 baud). The module is loaded with the defaults except the following:
CE Indirect Msg Coordinator[1]
AP API Mode Without Escapes[1]
IU Send Io sample Disabled[0] (makes no difference in issue)
PT PWM Output Timeout is 0 (makes no difference in issue)

I am using P1 as PWM1 Output[2]. For experiment I have a led to monitor brightness (duty cycle). I can set M1 to 0x200 for example and see the led go to certain brightness. If I set M1 to other levels the led goes to that level without issue. If I enable either D1 or D3 as AD1 and AD3, the led briefly goes off when I write the value (either using XCTU or the ESP8266). Changing back to disabled[0] does not cause the led to flicker. When AD1 and/or AD3 are enabled and I change the M1 value the led also briefly flickers off the same way.

It seems the PWM is tied to processor cycles, but others have said that’s not the case.

I think I see why. P1 and ADC 1 are or would be together. I can’t seem to figure out why D3 would.