I have a AccelePt 4r 920-pci,I install it on HP 9000 Workstation B180L,OS:HP-UX 10.20

Run /var/adm/sw/product/configure ,Return Information:

Generating configuration file…
Error in config file, see /tmp/config.log for details.

The /tmp/config.log file content:
./configure[2521]: /etc/conf/digi/epca/epcconfig: Execute permission denied.


Also, were you logged in as root while doing the install and trying to view that file?

Not sure what the “/var/adm/sw/product/configure” command does or how it relates to the Digi driver/product.

Did you use the following driver installation steps?

If so, do you see an error?


the install steps is ok!

but i always have error!

I install the driver is use root user;

but alway have error?

Might be best to call Technical Support on this one. Using the “script” command to create a typescript of the install would probably be useful when you call.

can you send a driver for PCI Xr/920 for HP-UX 10.20 ?

OS:HP-UX 10.20
Host:HP 9000 B180L
Multiport Card Model:PCI Xr/920

                     Release Notes  PN 93000261_D

               Digi C/X, EPC/X, X/em and Xr Async Driver

                    HP-UX 10.20, 11.00 , and 11.11

                     Package P/N 40001526_D V1.3.0
                     Software Manual P/N 92000250B

                            August 23, 2002


        This Digi software package includes device drivers  for  PCI
        adapters in the EPC/X, C/X, Xem and Xr product families.  It
        supports up to four adapters,  and  includes  all  necessary
        driver  binaries,  firmware  images,  configuration scripts,
        etc.  It may be installed with the standard  HP-UX  software
        installation utility ``swinstall''.


        PCI Xr, PCI Xr/920, PCI Xem, PCI EPC/X, PCI C/X


        Added support for HP-UX 11.11.


        Fixed a driver panic on smp machines.

        Fixed a driver panic that occurred when em ports are defined
        but no ports are detected at boot time.

        Fixed a driver bug that caused writes on non-blocking  ports
        to fail.


        The following patches may be required if you have  a  multi-
        processing environment.  Contact HP technical support if you
        need help determining whether these patches are necessary on
        your machine:



        Neither ISA nor EISA adapters are now supported.

   HP-UX 10.20, 11.00 and 11.11  - 1 -                 Release Notes

        Only four adapters may be configured per system.



             Added support for 64-bit platforms

             The package, on some platforms, would build an  invalid
             kernel  image  which  would  result  in an inability to
             boot.   The  inconsistent  build  procedure  has   been

             Fixed DPA loopback testing functionality

             The driver would sometimes unexpectedly shift into  HP-
             UX's   ``block   I/O   mode'',  resulting  in  spurious
             character  transmission  upon  data  reception.    This
             behavior is now corrected.


             A binary image supporting HP-UX 11.x was added  to  the
             device driver package.  This package was 32-bit ONLY.

             Added a driver dependency to allow operation on systems
             in  which the HP-UX Workstation I/O kernel code is not,
             by default, included in the kernel.

   HP-UX 10.20, 11.00 and 11.11  - 2 -                 Release Notes

Digi web site can not download “PCI Xr/920 for HP-UX 10.20” Drvier!


HP-UX version 10.20 support has been discontinued. An older driver version for use in 10.20 is available from: